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Project 5

Create a simple data logger

Project 5

Wiring and resource guide for Project 5

Project 6

Make a steady hand game

Project 7

LCD Screen Driver

Project 1

Use the onboard temperature sensor

Project 2

Use the onboard compass to find North

Project 3

Use the onboard accelerometer to detect orientation

Project 4

Use the LEDs as a light sensor

On this page there is a collection of projects and ideas for you to use to inspire your students to make use of their Micro:bits, write code and  challenge themselves.

Feel free to use and share the ideas here but please reference the source website.  

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Project 8

Keep it simple using an LED

Project 9

Hello World in C++

Project 10

Buttons in C++

Project 11

Keep it simple using an LED C++

Project 12

Micro:Bit Shootout Game game using wireless radio

Project 13

Tutorial to set up Mbed to use as your C Compiler

Project 14

Classic Rock, Paper Scissors in Block and MicroPython

Project 15

Simple data transfer of BT radio - using C++

Project 16

Simple serial coms using the touch developer

Project 17

Serial coms in touch developer using export as CSV table

Project 18

Serial coms using Micro Python

Project 19

KISS NeoPixel example

Project 20

Micro:Bit Shootout Game game wireless radio on PXT

Project 21

KISS NeoPixel in PXT Blocks

Project 22

KISS Buggy Remote Control - PXT

Project 23

KISS Buggy Line follower - PXT

Project 24

Stream live data to the cloud using Chrome

Project 25

3 Lesson SOW for using the micro:bit with assessment

Project 26

Remote Sensing

A demonstration based on the PXT tutorial

Project 27

Data Logger - storing files in the Micro:bit flash

Project 28

Micro:bit head tracker MicroPython

Project 29

Background Process

PXT - Jingle Bells

Project 30

Jingle Bells - Python

Project 31

Jingle Bells - Python updated to use background processes

Project 32

Micro:Bit Christmas Lesson

Project 33

Simple avoid the bomb game in PXT

Project 34

Amelia and Grace Christmas card

Project 35

Dr Who - Based using the Live Lesson Resources

Project 36

IOT AppInventor and Micro:Bit

Project 37

Arduino Pulse Sensor and Microbit

Project 38

GATOR:Environment BME280

Project 39

Gator:Environment CCS811

Project 40



Project 41


ADS1015 + Electret Microphone

Project 42

Coming Soon

Project 43

Coming Soon